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                Message from the President
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                Message from the President
                Dear friends:
                    You are welcome to visit Zhejiang Zuo Ni digital knitting Limited company's official website! Thank you to Zuo Ni digital knitting limited concern and support!Zuo Ni digital knitting Limited company in a short span of three years of history, with" seize opportunity, overcome difficulty, innovation" entrepreneurial spirit, adhering to the "integrity-based, customer first, cultivate brand" business philosophy, grasp the " innovation of science and technology, environmental protection and energy saving, human services" social responsibility, good governance, forge innovation, creating a seamless apparel industry in a unique" three lines in one" mode of operation, with Zhejiang Zuo Ni digital knitting Limited company for brand production base to rely on, SM ' FREE, seamless password as the core brand of electronic commerce and the offline experience store brand management strategy, and international brands to promote international brand import and Export Corporation Limited opportunity.We do not expect to do China's largest seamless garment enterprises, but we are committed to build China's seamless garment enterprise benchmarking enterprise culture and brand culture, innovation and tradition, mutually support each other long.The success of the past, let us harvest of joy, we have to set a higher goal. In the process of global economic integration accelerates increasingly today, both opportunities and challenges, exploration and harvest. We Zuo Ni digital Knitting Company Limited adhere to the" create value for customers, create profits for shareholders, creating opportunities for employees, creating benefits for the community" for business purposes, to "safety, normative, team, sustainable development" approach to development, to "loyalty, vision, healthy, development" as the staff behavior concept, in the enterprise between employees and the establishment of harmonious and cooperative relations, hand in hand, to achieve a win-win situation," Sea memory confidant, it's a small world", Zuo Ni digital knitting Limited company here with friends and acquaintance, friend, and sincerely look forward to working with your sincere cooperation, common development, common progress, create brilliant tomorrow!