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                About Us
                Message from the President
                Organizational structure
                Corporate culture
                Corporate philosophy
                Leadership style
                About Us


                Zhejiang Zuo Ni Holding company, it was formerlyknown as ZheJiang Zuo Ni digital Knitting co., LTD which was founded in 2010.The company is located in Yiwu city whom won a" commodity oceans, ashopper's paradise " reputation.


                The branch company HuBei ZuoNi Apparel co., Ltdwas born at the beginning of 2011. It covers an area of 26000 square meters,the registered capital is 10000000 RMB, and the total investment is morethan130000000 RMB. Recently they have totally 500 employees but more than 100staff working at the  management,marketing, technical and QC department. It is a professional garmentmanufacturer which can design, development, produce and sell all by them self.It owns perfect production line.


                Our company were focus to cooperate withinternational or CHINAfamous brand name. We owns  " SM 'FREE" , ¡°seamless password"," YOGEE"," modernelegance" and other brands.

                Our company has been past the national ISO9001certification; the international worldwide responsible apparel production WRAPcertification, the Okentex-100 certificate & BSCI certificate.


                Our company¡¯s manager concept is ¡°Quality win theworld; innovation win the trend, Service win your recognition¡±. And or brandconcept is ¡°Only produce the find craftsmanship fashion products; Only workingwith the trusted brand; Focus on every detail of technological process. Achievethe technical, energy saving, environmental and optimized products structure,Improve the products technical content, and added products extra value.


                ZheJiang ZuoNiHolding company will continue to take ¡° Accurate positioning, meticulousservice, fine craft and dedicated professional¡± as the company¡¯s keycompetitive and key value standard.